Andrea Vitelli, our sales director, is presenting himself

Andrea Vitelli, our sales director, is presenting himself

We have asked to our Sales Director to tell his story in five questions.


1. What is your role in AZ InfoCollection?
I am the sales manager of AZ InfoCollection in the credit management unit.
My job is to support business growth in the credit management market, producing new combinations of product to new market segment. I am also committed to speed up the enlargment of the credit servicing BU in AZ InfoCollection.
In addition, the business development plan of the group is so challenging as to require a commercial coordination figure with a guaranteed high committment in oversight all activities to devote more focus to strategic ones, which at this stage are key for the company.

2. Tell us a brief of your previous experience
Before joining AZ InfoCollection I had commercial positions in companies linked to the world of credit, first as a Relationship Manager in the UBI Bank where I worked for several years on corporate portfolio management, then in GE Capital where I worked for nearly five years in origination of factoring operations before moving to the world of credit insurance and collection at the Atradius Group. In recent years, particularly from 2010 onwards, I focused on commercial activities on behalf of the company Ribes Spa with functions of commercial responsibility for the Corporate area.

3. What did you find in AZ InfoCollection that you did not expect ?
I found very enthusiastic people with a lot of ideas. I have also found a strong focus on innovation and a strong desire to grow . An excellent team , both personally and professionally .

4. What do you like about your job ?
The ability to interface with partners of excellent quality, from different backgrounds , with whom create relational synergies, exchange ideas and points of view on market trends. I love to create and develop innovative projects and the opportunity to exploit wide-ranging expertise in the field of credit.

5. What do you think are the winning aspect of AZ InfoCollection vision in view of a very lively market?
Producing information to profile debtors and to exploit them to increase collection efficiency and the entire performance of the managed portfolio, is certainly an important competitive advantage that few other players can match.
The ability to operate as a full credit servicer that has the power of infoproviding in its historical core business and is able to directly manage the entire credit process is a strength that characterizes us.
We have also structured our operations to be higly competitive, flexible and fast in the market. But the aspect that really sets AZ InfoCollection is the ability to enhance the customization of solutions around the needs of the client, to accept challenges that others do not accept, with a view of sharing the risks in challenging projects, which in the medium term will be winning.

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