Maria Grazia Balsamo interview

Maria Grazia Balsamo interview

5 questions to tell you about our Quality, Innovation & Processes Manager.


1. Tell us about your role in AZ InfoCollection
My role in AZ InfoCollection is Quality, Innovation & Processes Manager.
I work to support the growth of the group, which in recent years has achieved amaizing objectives and results, with processes that are more effective, structured and with a growing output.
The use of technology, the inclusion of talented young people with a new vision, a constant update on what is happening in the market are increasing the engine power of our Group and allow it to be a unique in the player in Italy.
My role is therefore evolving each day to achieve multiple goals that can change every day in a very dynamic market.

2. What are the main changes on the management systems of AZ InfoCollection?
AZ InfoCollection in the last two years has invested significant financial resources in the different business units: the technology is already present, and therefore the future will also rely on this.
The development of management systems, that I manage personaly, is focused on a proper and safe operation processes to support massive data management and be also customizable, in all my projects the basic rule is “simplicity”.
Simplicity in the business service means high standards: speed, transparency, possibility of understanding, dialogue and control.
Here this is the direction in which we are moving.
We are ready to launch a new digital sistem, developed in house, to support the new positioning of the group in the credit management, giving interfaces with ongoing dialogue with our customers.
A true wonder that will help us to evolve in relation to all those clients who entrust us with the management of their portfolios.

3. How a proper process management is increasing the company’s performance in your opinion?
I believe that every action , process , decision can and should be detected and measured.
The KPIs should be modeled on the basis of reality and the purpose for which they are created.
Clearly they can not and must not be only economic and financial performance indicators. Customer satisfaction, reputation, ethics, reliability, for example, are important objectives and also key to reach excellent financial results. Therefore I consider sustainable in the long term only an organizations that focus the greatest attention to the proper management of the processes. And AZ InfoCollection does it.

4. Describe your approach in 5 words
Focused: the respect of the times in the projects and processes is essential.
Collaborative: I firmly believe in the team spirit so I direct all my activities to the maximum sharing
Purposeful: the critical issues exist to be overcome and different eyes help to find new ways and solutions
Resolutive: if it is true that for every problem there is a solution, then just find it and the results are achievable
Versatile: I am convinced that there is not only one way, method, model for doing things. Counting on a team of people means being able to draw on the wealth of each one and lowering the risk of making mistakes.

5. The big data are the focus of debate at the moment, how AZ InfoCollection is moving in this direction?
Our Group is constantly engaged in integrating big data management with micro data management in internal processes. We have a powerful database, we have a knowledge of over 40 years of field work and we know where we want to go. These are all levers and business variables not trivial, which represent a barrier to entry and growth for most of competitors.
I think we really have all that we need to build something unique, it’s up to us as managers to be able to do so.
And I am confident that we will succeed.

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