Antonino Restino, Chairman of AZ InfoCollection

Antonino Restino, Chairman of AZ InfoCollection

One of the very first people to obtain a diploma in Information Technology, Antonino Restino has vast experience in a whole range of sectors connected with info providing.

At the end of the 1970s, he became a member of Federpol, and shortly afterwards was elected first as the Interregional President and then as a member of the National Leadership, an office he held for four years. In this position, he introduced many innovative aspects, opening new businesses which led to great benefits for the entire category.

He was then elected as an executive member of the WAD (World Association of Detectives), the world’s largest association of detectives and those performing business and private investigations, and also introduced many innovations in this sector as well.

In 2000, he was co-opted by General Servolini as an executive member of the Presidency of the U.N.I.P. (National Union of Private Investigators) and participates as an expert in various national and international conferences on credit scoring, intellectual property and insurance fraud.

In 1974 he founded A-Zeta, a leading national credit and insurance infoproviding company.

AZ InfoCollection S.p.A. was founded in 2009, of which he is chairman and majority shareholder.

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