Carmine Evangelista, CEO of AZ InfoCollection

Carmine Evangelista, CEO of AZ InfoCollection

He entered A-Zeta in 1994, just after graduating from Salerno University with a degree in Business and Economics.

He was General Manager of the company from 2006 to 2009 and took over in 2010 as CEO of AZ InfoCollection spa, a position he still holds today.

He has contributed actively to growth of the company, with constant support and focus on development in the two business areas which currently make the Group a sector leader in Italy: economic and financial profiling of potential recipients of credit services and insurance fraud, a sector in which AZ is the benchmark of the domestic market. Evangelista has also continued penetration of the holding company into the non-performing loans sector, specifically on the NPL portfolio market.

Carmine Evangelista has been Chairman and CEO of Martin&Cooper, the holding company’s new subsidiary in the debt collection sector, since 2013.

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