Interview to Francesco Turriziani, Head of welcome & security department

Interview to Francesco Turriziani, Head of welcome & security department

We introduce you another manager of our team.
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1) Tell us about your role in AZ InfoCollection
My role in AZ InfoCollection is Head of Welcome & Security department.
These two sectors are very different from each other; the welcome one has a team with experience in reception activities, concierge and events, the security department has specialist technicians and highly specialized technology components to manage.
Both departments have the common goal to provide our customers with the assets protection and the daily maintenance of the business through a network of high-quality protection.

2) What has been your career path until now?
All started back in 1979 with multiple roles in logistics industry then I moved a few years later to a managerial position that brought me into the world of Security with a first role in the Business Assets Protection.
I have always breathed the environment of large multinational companies, working in IBM, then Celestica and finally in BAT where I have gained a long experience in security management that I transfer daily in this new role in AZ InfoCollection.

3) What are the basic qualities of your staff to provide services at the highest level?
I think the basic qualities that all our employees have to ensure every day to obtain excellent performances are exactly those required by the company: speed, flexibility, responsiveness and creativity.
I built a brilliant team, skilled in adapting to the challenges that we face every day in our work, the environment in which we operate is sensitive and we need discretion and professionalism.
From here goes the success of our customers and therefore of AZ Group.

4) What innovations do you expect in the upcoming years in security thanks to the digitization which is increasing?
Applied digitization in our industry certainly brings benefits in the immediate availability of the data combined with the speed in the operations of replenishment, inventory, asset tracking resulting and in resource optimization.
The downside is that the digital activities needs maximum protection from the security systems to the processes. The evolution of the current risks of data leak prevention, vulnerability assessment and penetration test push the security sector to innovation of existing technologies with a consequent review of processes to minimize the risk of impact to the business, our Group is leader in research in this area. We are investing in bigdata management and cyber security following as leader the market developments.

5) What are the strategies AZ InfoCollection has in place for the evolution of the concept of “welcome services”?
Our group is developing a strategy to offer welcome services at 360° ​​to our customers.
We are working on two different segments, on the retail side, we are investing in specialized personnel able to provide protection of stores with a warm and elegant approach.
For the security of industry’ assets, we are developing a strategy of integrated, comprehensive and customized security protection.
We want to extend the brand AZ positioning ourselves in this area as a welcome & security partner of excellence for the market.

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