The AZ InfoCollection joins the ELITE program of Borsa Italiana

The AZ InfoCollection joins the ELITE program of Borsa Italiana

AZ InfoCollection S.p.A. is pleased to announce an important new step in the development it has enjoyed over recent years.

Borsa Italiana has accepted the company into the ELITE program where, alongside Italy’s leading firms, it will be accompanied in a journey of growth, change and leadership.

This prestigious entry was officially announced today at the Italian Stock Exchange, in the presence of the CEO, Mr. Jerusalmi.

AZ InfoCollection S.p.A. thus joins the select group of one hundred and thirty Italian companies in the ELITE program, all of which share a strong tendency for expansion.

Antonino Restino, Chairman of the AZ Group, spoke about his satisfaction with this admission and also about the plans for growth, stating that “in the transformation from a family business to a management company, ELITE represents a milestone in the journey of cultural and organisational change”. “The many industrial, financial and organisational capabilities needed for growth and development are constantly changing” adds Carmine Evangelista, CEO of the AZ Group. “ELITE is an excellent travelling companion in helping us to understand them and grow stronger as a result.”

The Group, which has offices in Milan, Naples and Rome, has major organisational skills and many decades of experience in flexible processes and solutions. Centralisation and control of information sources, combined with a huge proprietary database, make it one of the leading players on the Italian market in the sectors where it operates, with innovative and high- performing solutions.

The licences the Group holds and its ISO 27001 certified data protection and security system (it is the first Italian company in the sector to have obtained it) are further points of strength ranging across all Group activities, which have allowed it to obtain excellent and rapidly accelerating economic and financial results.

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