AZ InfoCollection has published the data related to the Statistical Observatory which aims to profile the Italian debtor.

AZ InfoCollection has published the data related to the Statistical Observatory which aims to profile the Italian debtor.

Bed debts are not only weigh on banks balance but also in the multiulity companies: a real problem not just for companies who provide credit but also services.
This has been the major topic covered in the AZ InfoCollection Statistical Observatory, study dedicated to debtor profiling since 2011 focusing on debtors in the credit companies, banks and from this year multiutility.

The trend observed from 2011 on is reflecting the downturn of Italian economy, with special class of debtors: women and unemployed.
The study, focused on debtors in electricity and gas bills for this year, is describing a heterogeneous profile of debtors.


Women representing the 42,8% of the group analyzed and the majority are unemployed, 49,6%.


In the trend analysis from 2011 to 2015 we can state a remarkable increase of foreign debtors, compared to Italians.

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In 54% cases the average income of debtors is less than 1000 euro per month. The geographical breakdowns of employee who are debtors is describing an homogenous country.


The following graph is analyzing the trend of the debtors distribution in the country since 2011.


The debtors from north of Italy are increasing in 2015 compared to previews years, this is balanced by the decrease of debtors from south of Italy.
The general comment on the homogenous geografical brekdown and similar working status of Italian debtors is that the multiultility sector is characterized by small amount of money related to the debts compared to credit in other fields.
Carmine Evangelista, CEO of AZ InfoCollection, is commenting the data as follow “ the debtors profile coming out to our study is confirming that the debtors trends are aligned with the financial changes of our country”.

Statistical Observatory I Semsester 2015:
Italian version

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