Credit, information and Big Data

Credit, information and Big Data

Is it possible to understand on the basis of only three words of one deals with a natural person or a company? What are the risks when seeking funding or subscribing to a service? The answers are a trio of concepts that are connected with the process of infoproviding in credit support, management and recovery: standards, technology and deep knowledge of the whole chain.

It is a market of great importance, as confirmed by the growing investments of companies and funds – in particular foreign ones – in the field of credit and non-performing loans. Credit and investment mean growth in jobs, transactions, services which are born and evolve around the major issues of “risk“.

To achieve this aim AZ InfoCollection SpA, a leader in infoproviding sevices in Italy, organizes a conference entitled “Information, a disruptive aspect in the processes related to credit” in collaboration with PwC. The event is scheduled for Wednesday 10 June in Milan (Via Monte Rosa, 91 at 9:00).

From among the four panels planned one in particular will focus on Big Data and the importance of information, technology and data to support the processes of credit. To take part in the discussion will be Michele Barbera, Co-Founder and CEO of SpazioDati; Alessandro Donadio, partner and Social Transformation & Digital Strategist of hitrea; Francesco Consolati, Presales Manager of Risp & Fraud Solution SaS; Alberto Boggetti, Sales Director Italy of Uniserv. To coordinate the discussion there will be Giorgio Soffiato, founder and managing director of Marketing Arena.

The admission to the conference is free subject to compulsory registration of participants, via email at, indicating full name, company, position and phone number on a first come first served basis.

The press is invited. Please send confirmation of participation indicating full name of the journalist, the news agency represented and mobile number via email to

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