Get in shape your portfolio with a new e-book of AZ InfoCollection!

Get in shape your portfolio with a new e-book of AZ InfoCollection!

The new e-book is a sort of vademecum, a metaphor to reshape a credit portfolio!
Not only the body, but even a credit portfolio can “regain its own form.” We have identified a number of steps that could reflect the different stages of a physical recovery, and at the same time we have been inspired by these to explain how it is possible to revive the fate of a portfolio of non-performing loans.

The aim is to mark a route to be guided within the stack of financial information.
A reflection of our time, a concrete proposal to the resolution of debt collection that today is gripping banks. An e-book in full AZ InfoCollection style that cares about the resolution of that problem through several steps and tips, providing ideas and guidelines based on years of experience and technological innovations.

The work consists of four chapters, each one showing the importance of relying on a “local” partner that knows how to rally round with respect to the complexity of debt collection in Italy.

  • Look in the Mirror (overview of the Italian situation and analysis of our target: the international prospects)
  • Plan a Roadmap to Health (the importance of a “local” partner within the dynamics of debt collection in
  • Say no to Stress (procedures, analysis and technology to decrease DSO for the originator and increase IRR for the investor)
  • Stay one step ahead (Innovations within the field of debt collection)

The e-book can be downloaded for free, filling the form.
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