Let’s meet Francesco Fedele

Let’s meet Francesco Fedele

Who is our COO? Here the interview.


Describe your role in AZ InfoCollection

In AZ InfoCollection I am the COO of the Credit Management Business Unit, I am in charge of the entire operation area. My main task is to coordinate all activities of our company as Full Credit Servicer, to better organize them optimize them to be functional to our business. My responsibility is especially to align to the needs of the market the company, through the constant development of new projects and solutions.

Tell us about your story before joining AZ

My first approach to credit management, after an experience in 2008 in the world of structured finance at Martingale Risk Italy, has been with Bee Consulting Group which was in charge of a part of operation risk analysis for UniCredit.
After this experience, I came in the collection word, first as Credit Specialist in BNP – Findomestic Banca, and then I become a Credit and Collection Manager for Intellcredit Group – Telecom.
After three years, I took over operational management of a new emerging reality in the field of collection: UniFinance Management and just after this I had the opportunity to be part of the project AZ InfoCollection , which I immediately percieved as a great opportunity.

The credit sector in Italy is in great turmoil, what do you expect will happen in the next year?

The NPL market is constantly changing; in October, it was found a slight decrease of the sufferings, but the economic recovery is still too weak to think of an appreciable recovery in the short term.
2016 will be a dynamic year for our sector; the new players who are appearing in the market and the desired reduction in the gap between supply and demand could facilitate greater liquidity.
We expect a growth of the secondary market and also the Bad Bank issue will be an important variable.

How AZ InfoCollection is organizing to meet the new challenges?

AZ InfoCollection also through the recent merger between AZ Ltd. and Martin & Cooper, has consolidated and strengthened its market position as a Full Credit Servicer operating independently in different asset classes. The growth in size and the knowledge we are acquiring get us now ready to support our national and international partners and is enhanced by recent major investments have provided the Group with new technology platforms and skills level.

What are the qualities you look for in your employees to create a responsive team up to the demands of the market?

People always make the difference. We need to be able to quickly set our goals on the partner needs, and often be ahead of the market. This is why in our team, as well as professional and competent, cannot miss dynamism and passion. The performance is our goal and each of our employees is focused towards the continuous improvement of the results, with new ideas and visions. We are a team, we share efforts and successes, and we all feel part of the AZ InfoCollection project.

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