AZ InfoCollection and Social Network: a year of love at first sight

AZ InfoCollection and Social Network: a year of love at first sight

The group blows out a candle to celebrate signing up onto the main social networks

365 days of permanent and increasing presence on social networks. AZ InfoCollection, an Italian infoproviding leader , reaches another milestone before closing this beautiful year 2014: in December in fact, the Group is celebrating a year of presence on social platforms, and together with it the beginning of an evolution in the field of digital communication.

With over 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook, almost 150 followers on Twitter and 70 on Linkedin, in twelve months AZ InfoCollection opened up to many different social networks with the goal of creating more and more networking.

No less important are the channels Youtube and Slideshare, effective containers that allow the Group to strengthen identity and values through videos of events and interviews and presentations about the company and management.

But what are the contents on AZ InfoCollection social networks? From business information provision up to fraud prevention, from credit recovery to intelligence and from asset protection to reception. All themes, in which the Group operates for 40 years, communicated through the interactive display composed of web and social channels. For AZ social network are an opportunity to update information: on twitter and facebook – as well as on the official website – there are in fact events, conferences and meetings such as the recent AZ Meeting and the latest news on the world of AZ.

Moreover, thanks to social networks, users can easily find and contact directly AZ InfoCollection’s professionals for doubts, clarifications and information related to the business of AZ InfoCollection.

Become a fan … AZ Team is waiting for you!


Follow AZ InfoCollection on TwitterFacebookLinkedinYoutube and Slideshare

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