AZ InfoCollection celebrates 40 years of history with the present (and the future) full of energy

AZ InfoCollection celebrates 40 years of history with the present (and the future) full of energy

From a small investigative company to an infoproviding leader: 40 years after its birth AZ InfoCollection is a growing reality and is being projected into the future.

During its forty years of history AZ InfoCollection has been able to overcome countless challenges with tenacity and determination creating a structured organization with high-level professionals, present throughout the national territory.

Founded in 1974 in Naples by Antonino Restino, who now holds the post of President, the Group was born under the name A-Zeta Srl as an investigate company dedicated to searches of commercial and private information.

Starting from an activity focusing on simple verification of the existence of bill protests the company became specialized in the development of more accurate and sophisticated investigative reports with detailed business information.

From 1974 onwards the company has experienced a steady development, an evolutionary growth that has enabled the Group to quickly respond to changing market requirements. In this forty years AZ created, by means of hard work and dedication, a development that has allowed management to seize numerous business opportunities: from disbursement to debt recovery, from company assets protection to investigations insurance.

The year 2014 was an emblematic one for the Group: a proof that the daily pursuit of improvement and the desire to innovate and to get involved have been, and continue to be, the key elements of the success of AZ InfoCollection. The entry into the path of Elite Italian Stock Exchange, the financial targets achieved, the renewal of the corporate identity and the new way to communicate using many different digital languages are some of the steps achieved by AZ InfoCollection in the year now ending.

In forty years of history, there are few things in AZ that have never changed: the desire to reinterpret and look to the future, which remain the key aspects of AZ InfoCollection’s vision and know-how.

Relive with us the memories of our first 40 years: learn about our social network historic photos and celebrate with us the results achieved, a good omen for those to come!


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