AZ InfoCollection celebrates the best results in its history and launches its E-Commerce platform

AZ InfoCollection celebrates the best results in its history and launches its E-Commerce platform


AZ InfoCollection celebrates the best results in its history
and launches its E-Commerce platform

Milan, 4 November 2014 – AZ InfoCollection, infoproviding company and Elite member, approved on 31 October the best results in its history.
The main acceleration to the results comes from the core business, especially from dedicated services to major Italian financial and insurance institutions.
In detail, the increase was recorded from business information providing and credit recovery evaluation, which in October 2014 was +116,4%, equal to 2.755,4 million euro (1.273,4 million in October 2013).
An important contribution to the total accounts, which amounted to over 6.2 million euro at the end of October 2014.
In this last month the group reported a significant increase: 858.000 euro of turnover in one month, + 43.2%, beating the previous record registered in July 2014 (826.000 euro).
“October’s numbers give us satisfaction and enthusiasm” – said the Chairman Antonino Restino “in particular in the first ten months of 2014 we have achieved the same results of the whole 2013. The expectations for the last part of the year are more than positive and show AZ’s commitment to deliver to the market and customers reliable results, reflecting our efforts and improvements, especially through our involvement in the Elite program. In fact, the forecast of revenues is approaching 8 million euro at year-end, due to existing agreements, which are way beyond the growth forecasts made in the budget”.
AZ decided to celebrate the excellent financial results launching its E-Commerce platform, dedicated to online sale of “tailored” services and packages. Customers, after registration and login, can discover and compose their offer, just like a music playlist created for specific business needs.
Discover more on the AZ InfoCollection E-Commerce platform by visiting:

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