AZ InfoCollection entrusted Kidea to manage its image

AZ InfoCollection entrusted Kidea to manage its image

Innovation, evolution and proximity to customers the main notes for a “score” in perfect harmony


A one-year  collaboration to communicate AZ InfoCollection new offer to its customers. This is just one of the goals – certainly the most important – that AZ has set for the coming months and has chosen a partner to share strategies and solutions with: the communication agency Kidea.
The two companies (both based in Naples) signed an annual agreement to develop new ideas and opportunities in the communication and marketing field.
AZ InfoCollection, a group specializing in infoproviding services and located in Naples, Milan and Rome, entrusted Kidea to manage its growing image and corporate identity, along an increasingly strong track record of innovation, evolution and proximity to customers, characterized by creativity and freshness in the communication offer.
With this partnership, AZ InfoCollection writes a new part of its symphony enriching the widespread musical score that has seen many advances over the last six months.

Who is Kidea. Kidea is a team with specific expertise in the fields of communication, marketing and image. With a daily analysis of markets and technologies, Kidea is able to offer value projects to its customers in the long term.


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