Jobs: AZ grows and hires more people. Since the beginning of 2014 an 80% growth in the number of employees

Jobs: AZ grows and hires more people. Since the beginning of 2014 an 80% growth in the number of employees

Investments, business growth, new recruitments and human resources development: AZ InfoCollection continues to grow in numbers, including those of human resources. The group, led by the President Antonino Restino is indeed always looking for professionals to integrate into its team positioned in the offices of Milan, Rome and Naples.

Since the beginning of 2014, which became key for the company’s development, AZ has indeed increased its workforce by more than 80%, the growth made possible thanks to the increase in profitability and sales volume.

Specifically, at the beginning of the year 2014 the total number of human resources was about 170. Today, less than a year later, the figure exceeds 240 employees, with a delta of 70 recruitments made in the specified period.

AZ InfoCollection does not stop and continues to seek new talents across the whole Italy in different areas: from managers and senior figures up to young people with a desire to put themselves to a test in a company that wants to grow with them, as well as people interested in working experience in an active and dynamic environment.

Those interested in the opportunity can upload their references on the Internet site to the “Work with us” section (at the bottom of the home page) filling the form and attaching the curriculum vitae, by sending an email with a CV to or by logging on to Linkedin profile indicating their skills.

What does AZ InfoCollection represent – A leader in Italy in infoproviding (provision of information to different counterparties such as banks and insurance companies), AZ InfoCollection SpA deals with economic and financial profiling of individuals receiving services and credit risks classification for credit guardianship and protection against fraud in the insurance area. Also chairs the market and the sector of non-performing loans.

Intelligence, activities of security and protection of heritage complete the offer of services of the Group founded by Antonino Restino and led by the CEO Carmine Evangelista.

In 2014 the Group, organized into specialized operating divisions spread between the offices of Milan, Rome and Naples, has reached ambitious goals – from the entrance, in the month of May, into the prestigious Elite circuit of the Italian Stock Exchange up to achieving remarkable results in the financial sector – that is just the beginning of an articulated evolutionary path that will develop in the medium to long term.


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