Let’s meet Antonio Vitolo

Let’s meet Antonio Vitolo


1)You are working for AZ since long time, tell us about your experience in the Group.

I’ve been working within the Group for about 10 years. At the time I joined AZ the team was composed by only 15 people, excluded the external collaborators. The team welcomed me in a very friendly way and made me feel like a member of the group.
The atmosphere that I was feeling in AZ (and is the same today) was really good and the relationship with colleagues was great. In fact, this team has been always ready to address any issues and achieve year after year more ambitious goals.
I started my experience in AZ within the insurance department by coordinating the activities of the staff within the Campania region. Then, after about one year, I started a training course in the intelligence field, taking care of the first private customers and then companies.
Thanks to my enthusiasm, to the support of my managers and cooperation of my colleagues, I was able to become responsible and coordinator of both the Intelligence (Private and Business investigations) department and the Anti-Fraud department.
From 2009 we had a significant increase of workload thanks to acquisitions of new clients.
Finally in 2015, following a reorganization, I was entrusted with the responsibility of the infoproviding unit, historic area and the main area of the AZ Group, with the aim of making it growing more.
I am lucky since I’ve been able, within a few years, to deal with so many areas and I am grateful to those who believed in me.

2) What does your department do in details?
The main objective of the infoproviding team is to track debtors. The team analyze the debtor earnings consistency, equity and financial positions in order to allow the creditor (our client) to recover the amount owed.

3) What are the basic qualities that should have your team?
The main quality I look for my staff is the accuracy in the search for details and information. Our employees analyze a huge variety of debtor cases that goes from loan debt, mortgage debt, debts to utilities companies to debts to family.
Although our internal processes are well-defined thanks to our huge know how, the team must be able to study deeply each case, trying to get as much as useful information to our customers.

4 ) How important is the processes’ digitalization in your department?
The digitalization is essential, without any doubt.
We collect a huge number of information on each debtor (individual and / or company) so it is absolutely necessary to use a data base which allows us to :
• Store data correctly
• Consult data in case of recurrences
• Reset mistakes associated with manual tasks
• Minimize customer response times

5 ) What are the next digital projects planned?

The goal of AZ is to try to increase the automation of processes in order to make the activities as fast and safe as possible.
Our IT department is always looking for innovative software that can facilitate the daily activities of the team. AZ has designed a revolutionary system, C.I.R.O. , which will enable our customers to interface with the internal management system in a totally digital wat to easily send orders , refer to the activities and receive works in progress .

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