Martin & Cooper s.r.l merges in AZ S.r.l.

Martin & Cooper s.r.l merges in AZ S.r.l.

AZ InfoCollection S.p.A. informs that today was signed the merger deed of Martin & Cooper Srl in AZ Srl, whose project has been approved by the respective Boards of Directors.

The Merger is an essential step in strengthening the new positioning of the Group the management of non performing loans, AZ InfoCollection is the only independent credit servicer active in different asset classes (corporate , real estate and unsecured ). This dimensional growth will allow also a more effective work of new technology platforms just implemented by the Group and will improve the delivering service.

The Group, indeed, is being equipped with all the necessary human and technological resources to respond quickly, effectively and promptly to the needs of management of impaired loans in all asset classes, coordinating the channels of collection and maximizing business info providing. The use of technology, the introduction of new young and talented managers with an innovative vision and inspiration to innovation within the organization that allows the Group to be a unique player in the Italian market.

In addition, by creating a single legal entity, the services of credit recovery implemented under the authorization of the license 115, and investigative services to infoproviding service authorized by the license 134, are both provided by the company AZ Srl holder of the dual license, with consequent benefit for all customers who can interact with a single company reality.

The legal effects of the merger will start from January 15, 2016 while the accounting and tax will be charged to the budget of the absorbing company with effect from January 1, 2016.

Simona Gaudiosi
Media & External Relations

AZ InfoCollection S.p.A. It is and independent full credit servicer, operating in the management of NPL portfolio with expertise in various asset classes (corporate, unsecured and real estate) coordinating collection channels and maximizing infoproviding activities. Its main clients are major Italian financial institutions, international funds, utilities and insurance company. AZ InfoCollection is also active in the antifraud on insurance, intelligence, security and heritage protection markets.

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