Protection of heritage: AZ InfoCollection protects your assets

Protection of heritage: AZ InfoCollection protects your assets

With the service of “heritage protection” the AZ Group offers a range of services customized to your needs of defense.

AZ InfoCollection, a leading company within the infoproviding sector and credit servicing, offers the business of heritage protection that allows to defend personal assets through the procedures of pre-assessment and audit.

The service of heritage protection provides complete protection of corporate and personal property, providing technological and professional know-how for large or small organizations, at affordable costs.

The heritage protection service is a wide activity which is divided into a number of sub-services:

  • Environmental remediation: tool for the protection against interception of information or sensitive data;
  • Computing reclamation: a process which identifies unauthorized access into the network or IT or detects spy software installed on a PC;
  • Video surveillance: a system that allows, through the installation of audio surveillance, protection of heritage and protection of public order;
  • Anti-intrusion: these systems provides for monitoring and safe management of internal and external areas of specific environments;
  • Goods geolocation: heritage protection can be obtained through the use of instruments with GPS technology.

Why to choose the service AZ InfoCollection?

The services group of Heritage Protection of AZ InfoCollection is done internally by a pool of highly qualified and skilled technicians, regularly subject to intensive training courses.

The use of the best technical equipment, short response times and operations throughout the Italian territory, guaranteed by the strategic presence of AZ InfoCollection in the offices of Milan, Rome and Naples, differentiates and distinguishes the group from other competitors.

Precisely for this reason, customers such as Fincantieri, Prysmian, Pirelli and Michael Kors rely on the professionalism and experience of AZ InfoCollection.

For more information please contact AZ InfoCollection:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +39 02 76022442
  • Skype: azholdingspa
  • Whatsapp: +39 349 06 77 056

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