The AZ InfoCollection real estate revolution has begun!

The AZ InfoCollection real estate revolution has begun!

AZ InfoCollection continues on its quest towards the achievement of its primary goal: to operate as a full credit servicer across all asset classes.
The Group is pleased to present a new line of products fully dedicated to the identification and rapid appraisal of real estate assets of debtors in secured NPL positions.
AZ InfoCollection business path has successfully led the Group to be considered an example of operational excellence in the field of information on single debtors. 40 years of experience have allowed the Group to build specific know-how and a massive internal database, which stands out as unique in the market.
The Group is now able to add a further level of detail on debtors: in addition to economic and financial information, we provide our customers with an overview of the real estate property of debtors with a massive or specific focus according to the customer’s required needs.

AZ InfoCollection has created two innovative services that will allow the maximum performance of secured portfolios!

Asset Hound:
the sharpest nose on the real estate trail! This product identifies assets, verifies liens and encumberances, and determines the mortgageable value of the property

Asset View:
this product provides a precise picture of all debtors’ real estate assets and includes the value of the unencumbered properties

AZ InfoCollection guarantees highly customized solutions supported by a team of professionals entirely dedicated to the real estate sector.

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