The pleasure of choosing becomes symphonic music!

The pleasure of choosing becomes symphonic music!

Jazz, Melody and Intermezzo? Whatever your needs are and the depth of information your require in your line of business…AZ composes for you and with you the most suitable symphony. That’s right: AZ InfoCollection, leading company in Italy in the info providing market – focused on delivering services to support decision-making processes in insurance, credit, banking, legal and company sector, decided to settle with their customers a new symphony, tailored on the specific needs of every business.

Each composition of services can be associated with a musical theme, borrowed from symphonic music and more. This is how we customize post-credit services: folk for a basic composition, pop for a richer mode, jazz for sophisticated and performing solution at the highest levels.
Very soon you’ll discover all symphonic news and our suggested compositions.
Particular attention has been given to law firms’ needs, with special suggestions composed to obtain information on both individuals and legal persons.
Possible areas of choice range from equity to income, from personal information tracing to real estate property checking, with the chance to select live on-line services and off-line delivery depending on the played symphony.

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