Welcome service by AZ InfoCollection: a combination of professionalism and experience

Welcome service by AZ InfoCollection: a combination of professionalism and experience

AZ InfoCollection, a group of companies consolidated in the sector of infoproviding and known as credit servicer, never runs out of battery and surprises us by presenting one of its most important services, in which know-how and professionalism are revealed everyday: welcome service.

Based in Milan (coordination headquarters), Rome and Naples (operative headquarters), AZ InfoCollection is able to provide a high level of welcoming services in luxury and intensive visit flows outlets, with widespread national coverage and characterized by speed and flexibility in service provision.

The quality of local presence is guaranteed by a team of experts and professionals. AZ Group, in fact, can boast a real team of professionals prepared to satisfy the needs of its customers and to maintain a close relationship of respect and confidence with them.

Customers like Michael Kors, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Coin Group and OVS are some of the best business partners of AZ InfoCollection, with whom the company has worked for years by offering a punctual and precise service.

Characteristics of WELCOME SERVICE.

Who has not hear of it? The welcome service is the so-called “cordiality” services.

AZ InfoCollection offers this service at industrial plants, stores and outlets, not only contributing to the image of the store, but rather by offering services acting as a deterrent which is vital in preventing thefts.

To be more precise, AZ welcome service is divided into three different categories: the pure welcome , the proportion of which in the turnover in percentage terms is around 80%, the porter service, standing for all the activities of unarmed security and the proportion of which in the turnover is about 10% and finally the guarding service, which is similar to porter service and brings about 10% of revenues.

For further information do not hesitate to contact AZ InfoCollection:

Email: info@az.kidea.net
Telephone: +39 02 76022442
Skype: azholdingspa
Whatsapp: +39 349 06 77 056

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